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Developing products with different characteristics and high quality to create competitive advantage in the domestic market is one of many experiences that many enterprises are applying. This experience helps the company to successfully dominate the domestic market thanks to its easy recognition and acceptance by consumers.

Director of Viet Phuoc Plastic JSC Hoang Van Thac said that in order to have a place in the domestic market, the company's products must be different. Since its inception in late 2007, this company has strategically oriented production, supplying plastic sheets, waterproof membrane and PET straps for the packaging industry. At that time, these are the main products imported from abroad. Up to now, the products of the company has been chosen by consumers to replace imported goods because of its superior quality, competitive price and customer service.

As soon as the enterprise has been boldly focused on investing in advanced production lines and technology of Germany to produce products suitable to consumer demand, but no domestic enterprises invest in production. These are polycarbonate panels with superiority compared to PE, PVC, PP, Composit roofing panels such as long life, environmentally friendly, natural light; therefore, not using lights, saving electricity ... This product is suitable for construction of public, agricultural and civil works such as roofing sheets for Terminal 1, Noi Bai International Airport replacing glass; Roofing of pedestrian overpasses in Hanoi; garage, stairs, terrace ...

Launched in 2008, up to now, plastic lighting products with brand name of VP POLYCARBONATE, VINAPLAST, VIP of enterprises occupy 40 to 45% of domestic market share, occupying 60% market share in the North. PE-PE plastic sheet is the choice of domestic consumers in the production of luggage, bags, walls, bathrooms. HDPE membrane is used for waterproofing of hydroelectric reservoirs. aquaculture ponds, industrial park lakes, water plants. In some aquaculture ponds on acid sulphate soil, sandy soil or when ponds are contaminated, farmers use this product to protect water resources, avoid bacterial infiltration, reduce risk. disease prevention, environmental protection of ponds, use of waterproofing lining of landfills, biogas digester, mining site, lining when building highways, dykes, hydropower dams, canals irrigation ... prevent the penetration of liquids and gases into the surrounding environment.

According to Director Hoang Van Thac, in an open market, if only produce more products on the market, it is difficult to compete. Therefore, Viet Phuoc decided to continue investing in producing new products, different to diversify products. Investing in modern machinery is the key to success of this company can create many different products with high quality. To actively bring the products of the company to the consumers nationwide, compete with imported products, the company also actively participate in the fair to study, learn the market, from which to grasp the trend. consumption. The company has invested in the production line of PET belts that pack the goods from recycled materials instead of using steel belts in packing packages such as yarns, woven fabrics, garments, wood, ceramics, and concurrently to conduct the production of anti-frosted glass plates for flower and vegetable growing in Da Lat and other specialized areas. In 2011, the company targets revenue of VND68 billion, up 46% y / y.


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