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Architecture & Life - Polycarbonate sheet has been familiar with the domestic market for nearly ten years and currently had hundreds of brands for this material of several dozen of brands. But about quality? The manufacturers and people say that there are both of good & less quality items; "many poor types just exposed to the rain about half a year have been faded, opaque, breaking it easy like breaking a rice paper!"

To not be confused with good - poor items

In the midst of polycarbonate roofing sheet product with the origin and quality of the product being unclear, ambiguous, unquestioned by the authorities, it is a disorder. Businessmen often announce this sheet, other brand is from Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Europe, America ... but in fact, most of them are made from China. Foreign brands ordering to process in China according to their own standards are good quality products, Chinese products also have good items; Poor quality goods are also rampant because of ... immediate profit. There are domestic enterprises to China to order the brand in foreign language and follow the standard as they want; just stick decal - announce ... and then sell. Because the quality is not checked by any standards, the mix of good - bad products is hard to recognize and the price is very confused!

The manufacturer of this type of roofing sheet said that the plastic has many types and why polycarbonate sheet must be chosen to make roof. It has the technical characteristics such as strength, high bearing; transparent, light transmission close to the glass but light and hard to break. Because of these advantages, polycarbonate resin is 2-3 times higher than other types of plastic. Therefore, low quality products use other plastics or scrap polycarbonate so they have low quality - perishable, aging. So how can consumers choose the right polycarbonate sheets? Director of Viet Phuoc Plastic Company (Viplast) said: "The best way is to buy the units with same origin, know the origin, publish quality with warranty, responsible for the product they sell. That's how consumers protect themselves, choose wisely. "

The only unit producing polycarbonate sheets in Vietnam

Polycarbonate sheets are suitable for public, industrial and residential projects. From the decorative polycarbonate sheets, it can be bent to the dome ... to make signs, light boxes, billboards which can also use this polycarbonate panels. Prior to that market demand, the leading plastic company in Vietnam - Vinaplast has invested a modern production line for Viet Phuoc Plastic Company to produce polycarbonate sheets according to international standards. And now, Viet Phuoc is the only company producing this polycarbonate sheets in Vietnam from 2007 to present. Not only domestic sales, in September 2009, Viet Phuoc exported this roofing sheet to the Indian market for Prime Metal Building Corporation and the company is promoting the expansion of markets to Africa and Middle East. The labels produced by Viet Phuoc have: VP Polycarbonate, Vina Plast, PC Sun Sheet and VIP; The label should contain the necessary information of the product. Since then, the market has also appeared the unclear brands such as "Vina Reid Sun Sheet".

For polycarbonate plastic material for production, Viet Phuoc company completely imports of the famous brand - Bayer (Germany) - affiliated with the company. The director of the company said that Bayer's ingredients themselves have been found to have anti-ultraviolet (UV) properties - anti-aging; High-grade goods of Viet Phuoc are also covered with a layer of UV on the surface to protect all under the polycarbonate roof; especially human beings. Therefore, "the product meets the standards of Viet Phuoc, then the one thing is Viet Phuoc having a very competitive price",


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