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By the end of June 2007, after two months of assembly of the hollow polycarbonate sheet production line and trial operation, the empty polycarbonate sheet product has been officially launched in the market by Viet Phuoc Plastic Joint Stock Company. This is a historical mark because: The product of high-tech plastic sheet is firstly produced in the country. It also marks the first time a local company has mastered on advanced Polycarbonate (PC) manufacturing technology . To achieve this result, it is due to the efforts of the employees of Viet Phuoc Plastic Joint Stock Company and the precious support of Bayer Group ... Bayer Group has provided the best materials and sent the experts and staffs of Viet Phuoc operating the production line of hollow polycarbonate sheet.

* Advantages of VP Polycarbonate sheet:

1) Lighter than glass 6 times with twice of hardness. Enhance the brightness with wide surface. Easy to install and lightweight, saving a lot of money in construction.
2) High lighting transmission. Highly resistant to ultraviolet (UV) radiation.
3) Sound and heat insulation with two times higher than the glass with same thickness.
4) The strength of material is much higher than the glass.
5) Flexible to bend, shape, which is an ideal material, suitable for difficult design in construction such as dome, winding frame.
6) Easy to cut, easy to handle with regular tools.
7) Ability to chemical resistance and environmental impact.
8) Safer than glass.
9) Heat resistance and fire resistance within a wide range from -40oC to + 120oC.
10) Simple installation.
11) Easy to clean.


* Product color:


CLO1: Clear white
 OP01: Milk white TE01: Tea
BU01: Dark Blue BU02: Light Blue GN01: Light Green
GY01: Gray GN02 Dark green  


* Product specification (standard size: 5,800 x 2,100m )



Thickness (mm)


Type Quantity (kg/m2) Plastic weight (kg/sheet) Total weight (kg/sheet) UV coating (mic)


Common 0,903 11,000 11,720  


Common 1,000 12,180 12,900  


Advanced 1,150 14,007 14,747 50


Special 1,300 15,834 16,554 80


Special 1,500 18,270 18,900 80


Special 1,700 20,706 21,426 80


In addition to the standard size products as above, VIPLAST also manufactures products with the size required by customers.

UV coating: VIPLAST uses modern extrusion line with advanced technology, automatic production of PC panels with high productivity and perfect quality. The used raw material is the genuine material of Bayer (Germany) famous in the world. Bayer raw materials are available UV. In addition, to increase the durability of the product, VIPLAST also coats with a UV coating. UV coating on the surface is 50-70 microns in thickness.



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