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1. In aquaculture: Used when building aquariums, crabs, ... on sandy soils, acid soils and other bad soils.

It is also possible to renovate old ponds (contaminated with alum, contaminated with dirt). Protect the water source, avoid the penetration of bacteria and organisms, ...

Waterproof membrane used in these works to lining the bottom and walls of the lake.

* There are advantages:

- Take initiative in water retention

- Ensure oxygen content in water

- Maintain water quality and improve feed conversion rate

- Reduce risk of disease for fisheries, fast turnaround time

- It is convenient for harvesting, stable production, low maintenance and operation costs

- Easy to clean and protect the pond environment better.

2. In industry: waterproofing for industrial park, water plant, HDPE waterproofing membrane used for lining the lake and wall of lakes. Normally, if the bottom of the lake does not cover the waterproof membrane, it will be difficult:

+ The bottom of lake is not stable due to the erosion of water, often deep depression in the middle

+ The lake wall is easy to be landslided if the bottom of the concrete-pouring lake is very expensive

Therefore, lining the waterproof membrane to the bottom of the lake will be much more economical.

* Outstanding advantages:

- Stabilization of project blocks

- Easy to clean the lake

- Lơ cost of construction

- Prevention of water loss

- Prevent the penetration of harmful substances (if any) into the surrounding environment

3. Waterproofing of mining dumps, landfills, biogas, ... its use is to line the bottom and wall of the yard, basement; because the product is produced from PolyEthelen material (an organic substance that is relatively inert with other chemicals due to the strong bonds between C and H).

In addition, there are additives of Carbon Black, antioxidant additives. Therefore, the tensile strength and elongation, the small bonding hole should be able to waterproof, not only the types of liquid but the gas are also very good.

* Advantages:

- Low investment cost, easy to construct

- Prevent the penetration of liquids and gases into the surrounding environment

- Keep the gas generated during the decomposition process, using the gas utilizing the heat

- The product life expectancy can be as high as 50 years, in line with broad and distant visionary development plans

- Prevent erosion, thus causing the stability of the landfill area.                                                                                                   


4. Waterproofing for highways, dyke works, hydroelectric dams, irrigation canals, ...

* Advantages:
- Low investment cost
- Easy to transport, easy to construct.

- High longevity of works, anti-erosion, stability of building blocks.


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